2014 Germany Medica, booth number: 16G80-5
medical lamp
medical bulb
  Dental bulb
  O.T Light bulb
  Microscope & slit lamp
  Ent bulb
  Cold light & endoscope & gastroscope light bulb
  Biochemistry analyzer & enzyme standard instrument
  Infrared physical therapy bulb
Infrared physical therapy bulb
Imported bulb
  O.T Light Reflector
  Dental glass reflector
medical headlight & magnifier
dental base
cold light source
  Optical fiber
  Xenon cold light source
   Halogen cold light source
UV lamp and heating tube
    The Nanchang Laite science and technology development limited company is one specialized company, which develops, products and manages special light sources. The product already involved the medical service, the stage, the film and television, the teaching, the color photo enlargement, the printing, the advertisement, the aviation, the punishment detects science and technology, industrial production and so on domains. Marketing networks spread to all parts of the country, much to the United States and Southeast Asian market.
   The company has a high-quality workforce, its business philosophy is "Honesty professional services", customer satisfaction for the purpose, as for the credibility to survival. Photoelectric business is committed to the development of the company.We will offer customers all aspects of the quality of commitment, quality assurance in products, truly a "customer first,quality first". At the same time the company has to thank old and new customers on the Laite products of trust, we will further improve the existing products and services, and on this basis to seize the latest trends in technology development, a new round of technical input breakthrough innovations to provide users better quality of products and technical services.
   The face of the new century, we will have greater enthusiasm, more moderate pace, more sensitive to market acumen, more professional management to meet all kinds of opportunities and challenges to determine our optical technology industry in a pivotal position.
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